Марви, Андрес

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Андрес Марви
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Дата рождения

1956 год(1956)




классическая гитара


Андрес Марви (Andrés Daniel Marvi, род. в 1956) – испанский гитарный мастер.

In his youth he already played the guitar with regularity. After having finished his A - levels, he gave lessons in several conservatories.

Meanwhile he devoted himself to designing his hand - made guitars with the aim of creating his own sounds. In 1984 he took part in a guitar course in Zurich under the guidance of José Luis Romanillos.

In this way his talent as a craftsman was confirmed as well as his manual dexterity and capability. He took an exam in guitar manufacturing in Erlangen in 1985.

Andrés Marvi has lived since 1988 in a small spanish village near the guitar metropolis of Granada.

It is there that he makes his instruments, surrounded by Andalusian atmosphere and he keeps in touch with numerous colleagues of the same trade. After a number of years of guitars handfactoring and always open to innovations, Marvi took part in a further higher course in 1992 once again with Romanillos in the city of Cordoba.

His permanent contact with the guitar world led him to the guitar festival of Liechtenstein (LiGiTa) in 1996. It was in Liechtenstein that he met the guitar dealer Norbert Giebel, who immediately recognised the extraordinary quality of the Marvi guitar. After exchanging their views, Marvi created a new model of concert guitar.

Now he can look back to his more than 30 years of making guitars.

Amongst some of the guitarrists who play Marvi´s guitars is the „virtuoso“ Aniello Desiderio “Il Fenomeno“, a century guitarist. Also Graham Devine the 1st prize winner of the Alhambra International Guitar Competition 2002 and 1st prize winner Emilio Pujol Competition Italy 2002. The winner Goran Krivokapic of the Alhambra International Guitar Competition 2004. The great Flamenco Guitarist Gerardo Núñez is playing a Marvi ”negra“.


  • Адрес: Calle del Agua 7, E-18414 Ferreirola/La Taha, Granada
  • Телефон: +34 958 766 217
  • email: guitarras@ad-marvi.com